About us

We are two long-term friends named Bernd (on the right), and Stefan (below). We did our studies together at the university of applied sciences, and as it happens frequently in life, suddenly lost contact. At a birthday party of a mutual friend, we started talking again, and discussed the trend of AI as well as the huge computing power of GPUs. After some short googling and trend analysis, we figured that there are not a lot providers of renting (cheap) GPUs for end consumers – especially not the big guys like AWS and Google Cloud. So we invested some money into our first machines, did the first renting manually to friends, and et voila, created this page where you can checkout and run the machines directly.

Before this site was created, Bernd and Stefan were already leading multiple companies successfully, so they brought the knowledge to quickly creating something clients wanted. The knowledge of their studies of Software Development helped as well to set something up quickly.